The only Italian exclave in Swiss territory

Campione d'Italia, located southeast of Lake Lugano, is known for being the only Italian exclave fully enclosed inside Switzerland.


The Lake

In between Northern Italy’s major lakes, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, you’ll find Lake Lugano, a smaller gem that belongs almost entirely to Switzerland.

The Casino

The origins of our casino go back to 1917. The building has undergone several design changes. The newest concept by Architect M. Botta was unveiled in May 2007.

The Beach

Open from May ’til December, our beach is a small, charming spot for enjoying sunbathing, swimming, sports and cold drinks.

The Marina

Our marina is located in the northeast side of town and opened in 2009. With 252 slips and 410 meters of piers, it is the largest marina on Lugano Lake.

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